C.I.E EEV.12 Geronimo van't Sparrebos

HD: A/B AA: 0/0 Eyes clear Passed finnish charactertest (LTE) Born 20.06.2007

Copyright: Jannike Steindal Nordanger

Geronimo is a lovely boy, who is called "Tatu" in his everyday life.
He is owned by Anna-Kaisa Ahola in Finland.

We have had the pleasure of using Tatu for Lunas last litter.
Together, they have produced 6 lovely puppies; 3 girls and 3 boys

Since Tatu came to Norway and stayed with us for a "Christmas-holiday" during the mating,
we feel that we can say that we know him very well. He is a very positive and easygoing boy.
He loves children, and our very happy son; Joakim (2,5 years) could do whatever he wanted with him! :)

Tatu is also very happy to retrieve and play with toys and balls, and we had a lot of fun with him. :)

In addition to his wonderful temperament and mentality, he has a stunning appearence.
He has a classic head, with perfect, parallell lines. Dark, almond eyes, and complete scissorbit. 
- and always a kiss for everyone.
A massive, beautiful coat and perfect bone-structure and angulations.
There is really not anything we didn't like with him! :)

Thank you so much, Anna-Kaisa - for trusting us with Tatu for this "love-holiday",
and to Tatu for giving us these lovely babies together with Luna.

COI = 0,0% with 4 generations.

Parents Grandparents Great-grandparents
Vaillant du Loriers (g) Sacha du Loriers (g) Ken du Domaine des Noirs
Laika du Loriers
Sindy du Loriers (g) BEW-93 Ottoman du Loriers
Lady du Loriers
BEW-06 Evi van't Sparrebos (g) VDH ML LUCH CH Argos van't Sparrebos DE VDH NL LUX CH EUW-00 Boetsch de Bruine Buck
Xenia du Loriers
VDH BE CH Zulte van't Sparrebos Ranke de la Quievre
Uranne du Loriers

Copyright: Jannike Steindal Nordanger

OFFSPRING of C.I.E. EEV-12 Geronimo van't Sparrebos,
he has two litters in Finland with Mustantuulen Pocahontas:

Born 26.02.2011:
Mustanaamion Geisha
Mustanaamion Gerry
Mustanaamion Gismo

Born 17.11.2009:
Mustanaamion Inka - eyes clear
Mustanaamion Apache
Mustanaamion Cheyenne

Copyright: Jannike Steindal Nordanger

Copyright: Jannike Steindal Nordanger. Tatu on his "love-holiday" to Norway ;) ;)