NUCH SUCH Nixtev Konqueror "Marco"

Born 8th of August 2006. Eyes clear, 27/9-06 and 12/8-2007 Patella luxation : free

Co-owned, lives with & loved by Astrid Marie and Inge

Marco, 20h of August 2008. Photo: Jannike

Marco, June 6th 2008

We are so thankful for the opportunity to get a puppy from kennel Nixtev, a million thanks to Nicky!
Me an Nicky had been mailing together for ages, and finally all the arrangements was settled. :-)

I went to Newcastle to meet Nicky and her dogs, and got our little boy home to Norway on the 18th of October 2006. 

Marco's best showresults:

Date National/international: Place: Judge: Results:
10.03.07 National Manger Geir N. Pedersen BOB Puppy
13.08.07 International Bjerke Luis Pinto Teixeira 1-1 junior, RCC, 2nd Best Male & Crufts Qualified
08.09.07 International Stavanger Liz-Beth Liljeqvist 1-1 junior, CC, Best Male and BOS
23.11.07 International Hamar Mona Selbach 1-1 junior with Honorprize
09.02.08 National ělen Elsbeth Clerc 1-1 open, CC, Best Male and BOB!!
02.03.08 National Manger Mona Selbach 1-1 open, CC, Best Male and BOB!!
05.07.08 Circuit, World dog show Stockholm Eugeny Kuplyauskas Excellent, 1st Male, CAC and BOB!!
06.07.08 World Dog Show 2008 Stockholm Peter Machetanz Excellent, 2nd best Open Male

His critics from one of his last shows, judged by Elsbeth Clerc:
"Quality dog, full of substance. Masculine in head and expression. Nice reach of neck.
Straight front, level back. Strong rear. Correct coat.
Very showy, and an easy mover." :)

Marco's favourite cuddling-position! :-) Photo: Jannike

Bulabs Spirit In The Sky
Wyndlee Like Ice In The Sun hvit
Callapins King of Winter At Oregons hvit
Wyndlee Freida sort
Rossfort Brocade at Bulabs Orange
Ch Rosechow Archimedes at Rossfort krem 
Rossfort Allure sort
Nixtev Fyrefly JW
Ch Wyndlee The Crowman black
Canterway Cappuchino orange sobel 
Wyndlee Kuseley the Bees Knees sort
Ch Runfold China Crisis at Nixtev krem
Ch Runfold Northern Lights sort
Wyndlee Snow'n Ice From Runfold hvit

7 months old. Photo: Jannike

7 weeks old, photo: Nicky at kennel Nixtev