Litt om oss - about us

Me (Jannike) and Dida (PS I Love You av Ostretunet)

This website is dedicated to our true love in life; our four-legged family of groenendaels and mittelspitzes.

My name is Jannike, and I am married to Bjørnar. Together we have two children; Joakim and Ylva.
Bjørnar has also to grown up boys; Christer and Steffen. 
Me and Bjørnar has always been surrounded by creatures
in all shapes and sizes thru our childhood, so I guess it is not so difficult to understand
why we decided to settle down at Bjørnar's family-farm and start our life together here.
We've had sheep, cattle and horses, but due to work-hours we had to step down on the farming,
and rather spend our sparetime with our dogs.

Me (Jannike) and my two, greatest acchievements in "breeding" - Joakim & Ylva :)

My husband, Bjørnar :)

At home with us, we have 3 groenendaels (Luna, Luna's daughter Dida, and Neo), and 1 mittelspitzes (Pernille).
Our other dogs live with our friends and family, and it is their wonderful cooperation
and support that has taken us to where we are today.
We are so grateful to have these fantastic people as our friends!

We spent a long time before we decided to become breeders. We wanted to be sure that we were as
prepared and educated as possible around the subject of breeding
-and for each litter, we understand just how little we actually know! :) We approach this task with humbleness
and respect and feel that a good breeder should never stop the pursuit for more knowledge and understanding.

We aim to raise our puppies in a safe, warm and friendly enviroment, making them 
well-equipped to meet the big world the day they leave us.
All our puppies are raised indoors, the first weeks in a separate bedroom where Jannike stays with them,
and then they move down in the livingroom for the last weeks.
That way they are used to noice, people, other dogs and all the other things that a dog will encounter.

Also, our big family helps us out with plenty of "play-dates"
with the puppies as they grow up, so all our puppies are well socialized with children.
We also have two house-cats that are frequently used as hunting-practise for the puppies inside the house
(and the cats actually seem to like it...!) ;)

Our niece, Vilde and little Boogie-Woogie

Also, we try to "think for ourselves" when it comes to health-checks of both the parents and the puppies,
and not blindly follow only the minimum-standards. We want to know what we are breeding from, and also what we produce with our breeding.
This is not done so we can brag about the good results, and bury the *bad* ones, but to give us a small comfort in knowing that
the puppy we deliver has been given the best possible chance for a long and healthy life without any pain or illness.
Of course, one cannot have the "divine knowledge" for the future, but we strive to do our best with the tools we have available.

But the knowledges has not just "fallen from the sky" regarding breeding, lines, dogs etc. We have been blessed with tudors
willing to share their knowledge and without their time and understanding, we would without doubt still be lightyears behind today.
The breeder of our first groenendael (Misja) is Ada at
kennel Vikholmen. Who knew that the puppy she raised 10 years ago would end up
creating a close friendship and passion for the groenendael for years to come? :) She is now one of my closest friends,
and I cannot say how thankful I am to have her as both my friend and guide regarding both dogs and life in general. :)

Neo cuddles with one of our nieces, Ida Helen.

I don't know what more there is to say about us, only the fact that I will do my best to help you if you want information
about the groenendael or mittelspitz, our dogs or anything else that pops into mind! :)
Don't hesitate to contact us at mail: or phone: +47 56371050/ +47 975 98 365 any time, 24-7.

Kind regards, Jannike

We live about 1 hour north of Bergen in Norway.
For map/route planner, click at the map below (if the map is missing,
click here for map :)