Cruise Control av Ostretunet

 Born 30.11.2008. Owned by Bonnie and Stan Kreider at Hillside Belgians, USA.  

(Dutch Ch. pE S.R Brendo de Bruine Buck + N DK UCH RH Woodshine's Luna)

Cruiser, 8 months old. Photos taken by Bonnie. :)

Such a lovely expression!!!:)

"Mommy" Bonnie with her little Cruiser, finally home!

America here we come - the puppies has finally arrived!

Guess who Bonnie is talking to? The very nervous "grandma" back in Norway - me! :)

Cruiser is trying to look sharp....

...but even little boys need to have a little nap after a long, long journey!

-Thank you so much, Bonnie, Stan, Debby and Pam for keeping me updated and sending all the lovely photos of "my" boys... :)

Cruiser, 8 weeks old, heading for the airport. Ears have fallen down again. :)

Cruiser taking it easy :)

Photo-montage created by Jannike :) Brendo to the left, Luna to the right.

Cruiser was born in a litter of 7 puppies, 2 girls and 5 boys.
He will be staying with Bonnie and Stan at the Hillside Belgians in USA, and we hope he will
grow into the boy they dream about. We look forward to the future for this little chap with excitement,
and we are so happy to have gained new, dear friends across the ocean.

We wish Bonnie and Stan all the best of luck with little Cruiser! :)

COI = 0,68% m/5 generasjoner
Great grandparents
Dutch Ch. pE S.E Brendo de Bruine Buck Rival de la Fureur du Crèpusule (g) If du Crèpuscule des Loups
Newty de la Fureur du Crepuscule
Ginger de Bruine Buck (g) Brando-Holly v.h. Lochternest
Nozem de Bruine Buck
RH NUCH DKCH Woodshine's Luna (g) PL N UCH NORDV-06 O'Emir de la Douce Plaine (g) S.R. Jour J de Condivicnum (t)
S.R FR CH Joy De La Douce Plaine (g)
NUCH DKCH Woodshine's Kon-Tiki (g) NUCH Delta Phoenix Ag av Nangijala (g)
NUCH Woodshine's Galateia (g)

 Valpebilder - puppyphotos - 6 weeks, 10.01.2009:

It was very windy outside, so the puppies had their ears flying high...!

Cruise Control


 Valpebilder - puppyphotos - 5,5 weeks, 07.01.2009:

Cruise Control with standing ears :)

Valpene 4,5 uker (puppies 4,5 weeks), 01.01.2009:

Cruise Control got both ears up :)

Valpene 4 uker (puppies 4 weeks), 29.12.2008:

Orange gutt - Cruise Control

Valpene 3 uker (puppies 3 weeks), 21.12.2008:

Orange gutt - Cruise Control

Valpene (nesten) 2 uker, 12.12.2008 (puppies almost 2 weeks):

Orange gutt - Cruise Control

Vakreste valpene.... :) - The prettiest puppies...

11.12.2008: Her har valpene fått nye, fine merkebånd. New collars for all the puppies.

07.12.08 - 1 uke gamle - 1 week old:

Cruise Control (trying to fly here :) )


Only a few hours old. :)

  The lovely faher, Brendo de Bruine Buck:

Thank you, José and Wil, for the wonderful photos of Brendo. 

And the proud n' pretty mom; Luna:

Our lovely Luna, oktober 2008

Our lovely Luna, oktober 2008

Luna & the roses :)

Woodshine's Luna - photo: Jannike