11.06.16 |
Omsider egne sider for Q- og R-valpene: Litters. S-valpene kommer snart!

10.06.16 |
Ny blogg for Ostretunets eventyr og eskapader! Velkommen inn!

27.05.16 |
Xelia og Simba sine valper er født! 4 gutter og 1 jente, vi har ledige gutter :)

24.09.15 |
Lycke og Pia sine valper er født! Begge kullene på samme dag :)

14.08.15 |
 Vi venter forhåpentligvis valper i september :)
-Teddy og Lycke sine sider er oppdatert med nye bilder.

04.06.15 |
 Jeg har oppdatert siden med våre groenendaeler og mittelspitzer

29.05.15 |
 Vi venter dessverre ikke valper nå, Xelia gikk tom. :( 

Vi venter valper! We are hopefully expecting puppies :) 

14.09.13 |
New Norwegian Champion! NUCH Hippy Hippy Shake av Ostretunet (Sheena) became BOB with Cacib at NKK Int. show in Stavanger. Way to go, Ingrid and Sheena! :)
Also, Phenomenon av Ostretunet (Texas) has shown his paws in the ring again. This time in puppyclass at the Today he got BOB and BIG3. This is Texas' 5th group placing in 6 shows. The 6th time they didn't wait for the group. Can't wait to see what him and Irene will acchieve in the grown-up classes! :)

18.04.13 |
All the puppies in the O-litter were eyescreened clear today. :)

13.04.13 |
The gorgeous father of our P-litter has been showing off in Tallin, and became BOB and new Tallin Winner 2013! So now his official name is: C.I.E. EEV-12 TLNW-13 Geronimo van't Sparrebos
Congratulations to Anna-Kaisa and Minna in Finland! :)

07.04.13 |
Lots of news from the international show in Bergen:
-Two new champions, and mittelspitz-results:
NUCH Honky Tonk Woman av Ostretunet - BOB + Cacib
NUCH Black Caesar's Great Power - BOS + Cacib
NUCH DKCH DKV-12 Gizmo am Jungfernbach, 2nd BM + Cacib
NUCH NV-11 NJV-11 I'm A Gigolo av Ostretunet, 2rd BM + res.Cacib
NUCH Dial-Nine-One av Ostretunet - 2. BF + Cacib
NUCH Itsy Bitsy av Ostretunet - 3. BF + res.Cacib
Hippy Hippy Shake av Ostretunet - Excellend, 2nd best open female

Honorprize in Breedersclass with Pia, Trinity, Sheena and Luna! :)

And also great results in the groenendael-ring:
Jabba-Dabba-Doo av Ostretunet - BOS, CAC and Cacib!!! :)
Jada-Jada-Jada av Ostretunet - Excellent and best in open class

And we had some dogs eyescreened clear as well; Hippy Hippy Shake, Itsy Bitsy and Jada-Jada-Jada were all clear. :)

Lots of hugs and congratulations to all the lovely owners and dogs, you make me so proud!!! :)

06.03.13 |
The puppies are all doing well. We have available mittelspitz-boys, and groenendael-boys + 1 girl to the right homes.

All puppies are very promising! :)

Our super-mom Luna has also taken under her wings 3 german shepherd-puppies who needed a new mom, and she now has 9 babies to care for. 
(So if any of you were worried, no, she did not produce black & tan-groenendaels! :))

Also, I've managed to update Neo's page, Luna's page and Ailo's page, as well as our groenendaels.

24.02.13 |
Our P-litter is born! 3 girls and 3 boys. Mommy Luna and daddy Tatu are of course very proud of their little babies. :)

11.02.13 |
2 girls and 3 boys are born! Mommy Mimi and daddy Bing are very proud of their little babies. :)

09.02.13 | Our lovely Tuva am Jungfernbach has arrived in Norway! She will get her own page shortly, and lots of photos will come. Thank you so much, Helga, for trusting us with this lovely girl!!!

29.12.12 |
Puppyplans are updated!

04.11.12 |
 Nordic Winner Show 2012:
-Woodshine's Luna got a new title: Nordic Veteran Winner 2012! And she was BOB Veteran, and 2nd best female. Jada-Jada-Jada av Ostretunet won Intermediate Class, and was 5th best female with res.Cert :)

03.11.12 |
 Danish Winner Show 2012:
-Gizmo am Jungfernbach got a two, new titles: Danish Winner 2012 and Danish Champion! He was BOB with Cacib - hurra! :)

15.09.12 | Today, Ostretunet got two, new champions!
Big congratulations to the owners of the lovely:
-NUCH Itsy Bitsy av Ostretunet - Cacib, CAC and BOS
-NUCH Game Boy av Ostretunet - Cacib, CAC and BOB
Black Caesar's Great Power became 2nd Best Male with res.CC, Honky Tonk Woman av Ostretunet got Exc., and Lady Is A Tramp av Ostretunet was BOB Puppy. :) We are very proud of all of you!!! :)

 31.08.12 |
 A very unplanned litter was born, take a look at our N-litter... 

09.07.12 |
Welcome to the world, Mr. Big av Ostretunet!!! :) 

 21.06.12 |
Luna have been mated, we are hoping for groenendael-puppies mid-August :)

 18.06.12 |
We are expecting mittelspitz-puppies :)

04.03.12  |
 Welcome to our little daugher, Ylva. :) She was born at 17.20, was 3160 gram and 50 cm long - and completely perfect, of course :) Photos will come later :)

 26.02.12  |
 New photos of Itsy Bitsy, I'm A Gigolo, Game Boy and Honky Tonk Woman av Ostretunet + Gizmo am Jungfernbach.

Ostretunet kennel also became Best Breeder Group today at the national show in Nordhordland Hundeklubb! :)

 22.02.12  |
 The L-litter has gotten their individual pages. New photos of Gyanta's Echo of Silence too.

16.02.12  |
 7 week photos of Ostretunet's L-litter:  Click here for photos.
-All puppies were also eyescreened clear today, and all have correct bites, and the boys have their "things" where they are supposed to be. :D

12.02.12  |
 6,5 week photos of Ostretunet's L-litter:  Click here for photos.

-Jada-Jada-Jada av Ostretunet (g) got CAC and BOB in �len today!!!

-Honky-Tonk Woman av Ostretunet - eyescreened clear :)

11.02.12  |
 Mittelspitz-results from �len-show today:

-Game Boy av Ostretunet: Excellent, CAC, Best Male and BOB!
-Itsy-Bitsy av Ostretunet: Excellent, CAC, Best Female and BOS!
-I'm A Gigolo av Ostretunet: Excellent, 1st Open Youth Dog
-NUCH Dial-Nine-One-One av Ostretunet: Excellent, CK, 2nd Best Female
-Honky Tonk Woman av Ostretunet: Very Good

And these lovely dogs also managed to acchieve Best Breeder Group of the day to kennel Ostretunet!!! :D :D :D

05.02.12  |
 5,5 week photos of Ostretunet's L-litter:  Click here for photos.

 25.01.12  |
 4 week photos of Ostretunet's L-litter:  Click here for photos.

And NJV-11 NV-11 I'm A Gigolo av Ostretunet is official NKK-breed-winner of the year 2011 for mittelspitzes in Norway!!! :D

18.01.12  |
 3 week photos of Ostretunet's L-litter:  Click here for photos.

13.01.12  |
 2 week photos of Ostretunet's L-litter:  Click here for photos.

05.01.12  |
 1 week photos of Ostretunet's L-litter:  Click here for photos.