Ostretunet's C-kull

 -født 30.11.2008
(Dutch Ch. pE S.R Brendo de Bruine Buck + N DK UCH RH Woodshine's Luna)

Photo-montage created by Jannike :) Brendo to the left, Luna to the right.

  • *5 gutter og 2 jenter*
    Luna ble parret med vakre Brendo i Nederland 29. og 30. september 2008.
    Brendo er en meget vakker herreman, og han har gitt dette videre til sine avkom i mangfold.
    Vi gleder oss til å følge disse valpene i tiden som kommer!

    *5 boys and 2 girls*

    Luna was mated to the lovely Brendo in Holland at the 29th and 30th of September 2008!!!

    Brendo is such a wonderful male, and he has given his fantastic qualities to his puppies too.
    We can't wait to follow the development of the little puppies in the future.

    A Million thanks to family Smits for their hospitality and kindness for me and Luna. I hope you will visit us in Norway! :)

    COI = 0,68% m/5 generasjoner

    Great grandparents
    Dutch Ch. pE S.E Brendo de Bruine Buck Rival de la Fureur du Crèpusule (g) If du Crèpuscule des Loups
    Newty de la Fureur du Crepuscule
    Ginger de Bruine Buck (g) Brando-Holly v.h. Lochternest
    Nozem de Bruine Buck
    RH NUCH DKCH Woodshine's Luna (g) PL N UCH NORDV-06 O'Emir de la Douce Plaine (g) S.R. Jour J de Condivicnum (t)
    S.R FR CH Joy De La Douce Plaine (g)
    NUCH DKCH Woodshine's Kon-Tiki (g) NUCH Delta Phoenix Ag av Nangijala (g)
    NUCH Woodshine's Galateia (g)

     Valpebilder - puppyphotos - 6 weeks, 10.01.2009:

    It was very windy outside, so the puppies had their ears flying high...!

    Blue boy

    Orange boy

    Green boy

    Yellow boy

    Catch Me If You Can (red girl)

    Black boy

    Our future star - not the best model! *LOL* Purple girl


     Valpebilder - puppyphotos - 5,5 weeks, 07.01.2009:

    Blue boy posing :)

    Green boy, sooo cute :)

    Green boy posing :)

    Purple girl to the left, black boy to the right. (not an easy shot, this! *LOL*)

    Orange boy with standing ears :)

    Cutie-pie, red girl :)

    Yellow boy, so stylish and confident :)

    Valpene 5 uker (puppies 5 weeks), 03.01.2009
    (- warning; they had just eaten breakfast before the photoshoot *LOL*)

    Black boy had to be taken in for a clean-up, and out again for new photos! ;)

    Orange boy looks so funny with his ears up!

    Red girl caught in a second - she's a very fast girl! ;)

    Yellow boy knows just how to strike a pose :)

    Blue boy with his noble look for the camera :)

    Green boy also knows the elegant poses, don't you think?

    And finally, the purple girl - sooo cute :)

    Valpene 4,5 uker (puppies 4,5 weeks), 01.01.2009:

    Green boy, a little blurry here though... :)

    Black boy

    Black and blue boys

    Orange boy got both ears up :)

    Cutest purple girl


    The two girls :)

    Yellow boy looking sharp :)

    Valpene 4 uker (puppies 4 weeks), 29.12.2008:

    Valpene 4 uker (puppies 4 weeks), 29.12.2008:

    Lilla jente - purple girl

    Rød jente - red girl

    Sort gutt - black boy

    Grønn gutt - green boy

    Gul gutt - yellow boy

    Blå gutt - blue boy

    Orange gutt - orange boy

    Valpene 3 uker (puppies 3 weeks), 21.12.2008:

    Lilla jente - purple girl

    Rød jente - red girl

    Sort gutt - black boy

    Grønn gutt - green boy

    Gul gutt - yellow boy

    Blå gutt - blue boy

    Orange gutt - orange boy

    Valpene (nesten) 2 uker, 12.12.2008 (puppies almost 2 weeks):

    Lilla (tidligere rosa) jente - Purple (previous pink) girl

    Rød jente - red girl

    Sort gutt (tidligere lillegutt) - black boy (prev. "littleboy"

    Grønn gutt - green boy

    Gul gutt - yellow boy

    Blå gutt - blue boy

    Orange gutt - orange boy

    Vakreste valpene.... :) - The prettiest puppies...

    11.12.2008: Her har valpene fått nye, fine merkebånd. New collars for all the puppies.

    07.12.08 - 1 uke gamle - 1 week old:

    Rosa jente - pink girl

    Rød jente - red girl

    Blå gutt - blue boy

    Grønn & hvit gutt - green & white boy

    Lillegutt - little boy

    Gul gutt - yellow boy

    Rød & gul gutt - red & yellow boy (trying to fly here :) )


    Only a few hours old. :)

      The lovely faher, Brendo de Bruine Buck:

    Thank you, José and Wil, for the wonderful photos of Brendo. 

    And the proud n' pretty mom; Luna:

    Our lovely Luna, oktober 2008

    Our lovely Luna, oktober 2008

    Luna & the roses :)

    Woodshine's Luna - photo: Jannike